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On-campus/in-person classes will be rescheduled. For more information and to read CSU quarantine updates, please check HERE.


Staying home to support the Coronavirus quarantine does not mean isolating ourselves from our future. Let's stay engaged with one another as well as our dreams for a new career, a better job, starting a business, quenching a curiosity, or building skills that turn individual creativity into innovative solutions. CSU offers hundreds of online, non-credit certificate courses in career and workforce development you can attend from the safety of your own home. 网站系统维护中,敬请期待!:2021-6-15 · 系统维护公告 尊敬的厦门网网友: 2021年5月20日21时至6月25日12时,海峡社区、海峡博客平台进行系统维护升级,系统将暂停访问,由此给您带来的不便敬请谅解。

All colleges and schools at Cleveland State University offer continuing education courses including: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law; College of Education and Human Services; College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; 手机上这么好用的功能 你用过吗? - huanqiu.com:2021-9-30 · 十几年前,还是功能机的时企,相信很多人都会觉得用手机拍照、听歌伃及上网都是很新奇的事情。然而,现在的手机拥有了越来越多新奇有趣的 ...; Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs; Monte Ahuja College of Business; OPPO 手机vnp的服务器地址填加速软伀; vpn被封翻墙党该何去何从?App Store连接不上如何解决?(图 ...:2021-1-29 · 工信部回应vpn被封系合理管理 app商店连接不上如何解决 app商店连接不上 App Store连接不上怎么办?有业内人士表示,打不开一片白的原因是,AppStore使用到的其中一个域名s.mzstatic.com使用的证书已过期(测试中返回的是电信骨干网IP)。, Confucius Institute; English as a Second Language; Test Prep. 

We design continuing education courses to meet national and international quality standards as well as CSU’s own learning values, teaching methods and rigorous academic standards. 

Why pursue a short-term credential, certificate or professional certification? Because Education is the surest path to economic advancement in the United States today. Non-degree programs in the form of micro-credentials, certificate programs and professional certifications are increasingly in high-demand by employers.

Did you know adults without a postsecondary degree who hold a certificate or certification have higher full-time employment rates than their peers with no credentials?

Adults who earn a credential have a median income of $45,000 versus $30,000 for those without a credential. For some occupations, the income premium from a certificate or certification is as high as $25,000 per year.

Earning a certificate or credential from Cleveland State University means your employer will trust your new expertise because of CSU’s reputation for innovative collaboration with business, industry, and government and for its reputation as a critical force for education excellence.  

*Source: Strada/Gallup/Lumina report, “Certified Value” 2022.